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Frequently Asked Questions
Q What is the RChilli Resume Parser/ CV Parser/ Resume Extraction?
A RChilli Resume/CV Parser also known as Resume Extraction is best available algorithm which converts any resume document to industry standard HR XML or Standard XML format containing 72+ Fields from Resume. Along with Parsing we do provide Social Recruiting fields, Analysis fields and many third party partners plugins which allow you to speed up your development process.

Q What products RChilli provides?
A RChilli has three core products.
  1. Resume Parser API

  2. Job Description Builder.

  3. Email Inbox /Integrator.

Apart from our core products Rchilli has partners who can help you to provide

  1. Semantic Matching Engine

  2. Online test integration.

  3. And many more.

Q Is it easy to integrate RChilli Resume Parser API?
A Yes, it only takes 30 minutes to integrate with your forms/and work-flow. Just 3 steps, and our technical support is there to help to finish Integration process.

Q What if my business grows and my requirements change? Is RChilli resume parser scalable to evolve with my business?
A RChilli takes average 2 seconds per resume . And Rchilli's Cloud infrastructure is capable of 450 simultaneous requests without any timeouts / or delay. We will be glad to enhance this limit if your requirements is much more than this.

You focus on your business and we ensure performance is taken care by our expert team.

Q I have an in-house IT team, will RChilli help them to integrate the service?
A Definitely. We will provide sample codes and work closely with your IT team to ensure easy integration and address all your concerns when it comes to integration and support without any additional cost to you.

Q What about the cost? What sort of charges do I need to pay for parsing?
A RChilli has flexible pricing models that fit the unique needs of every business. We offer tailored pricing plans for RChilli parser and you never have to pay for what you do not need. You pay as per your unique plan with no other hidden charges ever.

Q Does RChilli integrates with all programming languages?
A Yes. RChilli can integrate with any web technology / Desktop programming technology like PHP, .NET, ASP .NET, Classic ASP, Python, Ruby on Rails, Java, Javascript, VB6 and many more. Please ensure you talk with relationship person about this and get the right option for your business.

Q What kind of Resume Formats does RChilli Resume Parser supports?
A We supports all kind generic resumes created in Microsoft Office (.DOC, .DOCX, .RTF, .DOT), Open Office (.ODT), Plain Text (.TXT), PDF files (.PDF, any normal PDF but not a Image PDF or Scanned PDF), Saved Web Pages (.html). So we supports around 99% formats in which resumes exists.

Q I am concerned about our security. Do we have an option to buy Source Code?
A Yes, we have various options like opening up escrow, or even you can buy source code.

Q How I can connect to RChilli, what are modes of communication available?
A We are available virtually 24x6. And you can reach us via email: support@rchilli.com, Live help, Skype, phone call (click here). And if you still need more , we would be glad to come to your office and discuss.

Q Where can I find satisfied RChilli customer testimonials?
A You can find our Customers' feedback and recommendations on our LinkedIn and while you are there please submit your feedback / recommendation if you are a happy RChilli client. Your feedback encourages us to work more passionately with you for your success.

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